DANIELLE BOODOO-FORTUNE: Channeling Memory, Stories and Truth.

Danielle was teaching early in her working career when she suddenly and clearly had a sense that that was not what she was supposed to do with her life. Although she was met with scepticism about her career change to artist, she held steadfast to her decision. Fast forward years later, talking about her art,Continue reading “DANIELLE BOODOO-FORTUNE: Channeling Memory, Stories and Truth.”

MARK GELLINEAU: Seeing The World Through Glass Eyes

  Mark Gellineau Photographer   Mark Gellineau started doing photography in 2007 when his sister got a point and shoot camera which he “borrowed” and never returned. That was the genesis of an infatuation that led to the breath-taking images you see here, nine years later. After six years of apprenticing, exploring and learning, andContinue reading “MARK GELLINEAU: Seeing The World Through Glass Eyes”