James Hackett – The King of Lush

JAMES HACKETT DESIGNER, ILLUSTRATOR, ENTREPRENEUR, ARTIST   James Hackett is flourishing as an entrepreneur. Along with his business partner, Terenia, he helps design, sew, style, and market his line of luscious clothing and accessories via his company, The Lush Kingdom. His lines, his colours, his whimsy all go toward making his collection attention-grabbing and deliciouslyContinue reading “James Hackett – The King of Lush”

VALMIKI MAHARAJ – The Making Of A Tribesman

  VALMIKI MAHARAJ- Creative Director , LOST TRIBE   From showing exceptional stagecraft on high days, to participating in mundane activities that ensure the survival of the tribe, Valmiki Maharaj’s life is in many ways symbolic of the experience of the quintessential tribesman.   Valmiki moves through the world being at once the curious boyContinue reading “VALMIKI MAHARAJ – The Making Of A Tribesman”

RENEE MILFORD: Loving Learning about Make Up

Photo: Antony Scully Photogrpahy “I`m not a big make-up wearer, I don`t really like doing it on myself” – a  statement made my Reneé during our interview which surprises me. Further in the conversation she goes on to explain that this is actually part of the reason why her style as a make-up artist is theContinue reading “RENEE MILFORD: Loving Learning about Make Up”


  Stacy Bissessar- Forrester is one of those people who knew what she wanted to do before she was going to school. As a child, she would sit and stare at her mother putting on make-up and she says “nothing could get in between her and that”. Fast forward twenty something years later, and nothingContinue reading “STACY BISSESSAR-FORRESTER: The Joy of Make-Up”


Photograph: Leslie Robertson Toney   In 2010, Derval Barzey started her foray into the world of make-up. Apart from attending several make-up conferences over the years, she considers herself a self-taught make-up artist whose passion has fuelled her development. Her make-up stands out for its soft and radiant “second skin” appearance and she can justContinue reading “DERVAL BARZEY: CAPTURING BEAUTY”

ROANNTA DALRYMPLE: Jewelry x Geometry

    Roannta Dalrymple started making jewelry on a whim six years ago when she wanted to get hair accessories but found them too expensive. What started simply as a way to beautify her hair at minimal cost, six years later has turned into a jewelry line with an invested following. Now her direction isContinue reading “ROANNTA DALRYMPLE: Jewelry x Geometry”

STEVE HERNANDEZ: A Light Obsession

Steve Hernandez Photographer   Although he has lived for half a century, Steve Hernandez remains innocent in his approach to life and photography. He is not preoccupied with strategy, business, moneymaking or any kind of reciprocity, material or otherwise, as it pertains to his work. He is concerned solely with capturing images as he seesContinue reading “STEVE HERNANDEZ: A Light Obsession”

STEPHANIE RAMLOGAN: Questioning the Critic

    As stylist Stephanie Ramlogan expanded her portfolio within fashion, she started writing pieces centred around “observing the challenges, risks and triumphs of Caribbean and Latin American designers, creatives and followers”. Seems harmless enough, but Stephanie has become a bit of a rabble-rouser with her frank assessments and opinionated articles. Her blog –“No MoreContinue reading “STEPHANIE RAMLOGAN: Questioning the Critic”

BABATU SPARROW: Designer, Stylist, Creative Spirit

Babatu Sparrow is a designer, stylist, creative director, writer, sometimes photographer and in case you couldn’t tell by the name, one of the coolest cats around. Reserved to the point of mystery, he is a stark contrast to the flamboyance of the fashion world he inhabits. He carries with him a certain stillness and neverContinue reading “BABATU SPARROW: Designer, Stylist, Creative Spirit”

JACQUI KOON HOW: Fashion Trail Blazer (AUDIO)

    Jacqui Koon How is probably best known for her work with her namesake business “House of Jacqui”. House of Jacqui has been providing training for aspiring models and producing fashion shows for forty six years. Jacqui has been the engine behind this machine from inception to present day and she shows no signsContinue reading “JACQUI KOON HOW: Fashion Trail Blazer (AUDIO)”