James Hackett – The King of Lush

JAMES HACKETT DESIGNER, ILLUSTRATOR, ENTREPRENEUR, ARTIST   James Hackett is flourishing as an entrepreneur. Along with his business partner, Terenia, he helps design, sew, style, and market his line of luscious clothing and accessories via his company, The Lush Kingdom. His lines, his colours, his whimsy all go toward making his collection attention-grabbing and deliciouslyContinue reading “James Hackett – The King of Lush”

MERVYN DE GOEAS– This Stage Of His Life.

Mervyn De Goeas has won five National Drama Association of Trinidad & Tobago Cacique Awards for his outstanding work as a Director in the Theatre arena in Trinidad and Tobago. He is a son of the soil, and has himself thoughtfully scattered the seeds of introspection, empathy and cultural appreciation in the minds of thousandsContinue reading “MERVYN DE GOEAS– This Stage Of His Life.”


Marlon James is not afraid to take shots in life. In 2013, he took a shot on love and moved to a new country, and to a new life. He was born and bred in Jamaica, but love, faith and the Caribbean Single Market Economy brought him to the shores of Trinidad and Tobago whereContinue reading “MARLON JAMES – TAKING A SHOT AT LIFE”

DANIELLE BOODOO-FORTUNE: Channeling Memory, Stories and Truth.

Danielle was teaching early in her working career when she suddenly and clearly had a sense that that was not what she was supposed to do with her life. Although she was met with scepticism about her career change to artist, she held steadfast to her decision. Fast forward years later, talking about her art,Continue reading “DANIELLE BOODOO-FORTUNE: Channeling Memory, Stories and Truth.”

ANNELIE SOLIS: Wowing The Human Spirit

  With Special thanks to Culturego Magazine. Annelie Solis is an artist whose art is difficult to put into words. It is something that must be experienced and felt. While her pieces feature characters whose morphology and adornments are reminiscent of aesthetics and visuals from cultures around the world, they also transcend any cultural confinementContinue reading “ANNELIE SOLIS: Wowing The Human Spirit”

STEVE HERNANDEZ: A Light Obsession

Steve Hernandez Photographer   Although he has lived for half a century, Steve Hernandez remains innocent in his approach to life and photography. He is not preoccupied with strategy, business, moneymaking or any kind of reciprocity, material or otherwise, as it pertains to his work. He is concerned solely with capturing images as he seesContinue reading “STEVE HERNANDEZ: A Light Obsession”

MARK GELLINEAU: Seeing The World Through Glass Eyes

  Mark Gellineau Photographer   Mark Gellineau started doing photography in 2007 when his sister got a point and shoot camera which he “borrowed” and never returned. That was the genesis of an infatuation that led to the breath-taking images you see here, nine years later. After six years of apprenticing, exploring and learning, andContinue reading “MARK GELLINEAU: Seeing The World Through Glass Eyes”

BABATU SPARROW: Designer, Stylist, Creative Spirit

Babatu Sparrow is a designer, stylist, creative director, writer, sometimes photographer and in case you couldn’t tell by the name, one of the coolest cats around. Reserved to the point of mystery, he is a stark contrast to the flamboyance of the fashion world he inhabits. He carries with him a certain stillness and neverContinue reading “BABATU SPARROW: Designer, Stylist, Creative Spirit”

MEL GABRIEL: Editor, Publisher, Fashionphile

Mel Gabriel is the owner and editor of Trinidad Lookbook; an Online and Print Magazine that showcases all the noteworthy fashion creations and creators in Trinidad and Tobago. We discuss with her the conception of Trinidad Lookbook, what it’s like producing the magazine and the state of T&T’s fashion industry .   EP: How didContinue reading “MEL GABRIEL: Editor, Publisher, Fashionphile”