MERVYN DE GOEAS– This Stage Of His Life.

Mervyn De Goeas has won five National Drama Association of Trinidad & Tobago Cacique Awards for his outstanding work as a Director in the Theatre arena in Trinidad and Tobago. He is a son of the soil, and has himself thoughtfully scattered the seeds of introspection, empathy and cultural appreciation in the minds of thousandsContinue reading “MERVYN DE GOEAS– This Stage Of His Life.”

MIQUEL GALOFRE: Mixing Magic and Passion

Miquel Galofre Filmmaker   With special thanks to Culturego Magazine  “The world is magic you know, but we forget”, a statement Miquel once said to me- which is the only way I can describe his films-magic. If we do forget that the world is magic, we are lucky that Miquel has found his passion in remindingContinue reading “MIQUEL GALOFRE: Mixing Magic and Passion”

CONRAD PARRIS:Transcendent Thespian

    Conrad Parris Actor Photo Credit: Alvin K. Henry   At 40, Conrad has been acting for close to two decades. On screen he is the complete embodiment of the character he is portraying, in person he feels like a vessel coursing with spirit; an energy that permeates the air and could stretch out intoContinue reading “CONRAD PARRIS:Transcendent Thespian”