Photograph: Leslie Robertson Toney   In 2010, Derval Barzey started her foray into the world of make-up. Apart from attending several make-up conferences over the years, she considers herself a self-taught make-up artist whose passion has fuelled her development. Her make-up stands out for its soft and radiant “second skin” appearance and she can just as easily turn up the volume to create a dramatic … Continue reading DERVAL BARZEY: CAPTURING BEAUTY

STEPHANIE RAMLOGAN: Questioning the Critic

As stylist Stephanie Ramlogan expanded her portfolio within fashion, she started writing pieces centred around “observing the challenges, risks and triumphs of Caribbean and Latin American designers, creatives and followers”. Seems harmless enough, but Stephanie has become a bit of a rabble-rouser with her frank assessments and opinionated articles. Her blog –“No More Fashion Victims”, gets people fired up. Just the name of her website … Continue reading STEPHANIE RAMLOGAN: Questioning the Critic

BABATU SPARROW: Designer, Stylist, Creative Spirit

Babatu Sparrow is a designer, stylist, creative director, writer, sometimes photographer and in case you couldn’t tell by the name, one of the coolest cats around. Reserved to the point of mystery, he is a stark contrast to the flamboyance of the fashion world he inhabits. He carries with him a certain stillness and never seems to get ruffled. What energy would be used for … Continue reading BABATU SPARROW: Designer, Stylist, Creative Spirit