VALMIKI MAHARAJ – The Making Of A Tribesman

  VALMIKI MAHARAJ- Creative Director , LOST TRIBE   From showing exceptional stagecraft on high days, to participating in mundane activities that ensure the survival of the tribe, Valmiki Maharaj’s life is in many ways symbolic of the experience of the quintessential tribesman.   Valmiki moves through the world being at once the curious boyContinue reading “VALMIKI MAHARAJ – The Making Of A Tribesman”


  Stacy Bissessar- Forrester is one of those people who knew what she wanted to do before she was going to school. As a child, she would sit and stare at her mother putting on make-up and she says “nothing could get in between her and that”. Fast forward twenty something years later, and nothingContinue reading “STACY BISSESSAR-FORRESTER: The Joy of Make-Up”

CONRAD PARRIS:Transcendent Thespian

    Conrad Parris Actor Photo Credit: Alvin K. Henry   At 40, Conrad has been acting for close to two decades. On screen he is the complete embodiment of the character he is portraying, in person he feels like a vessel coursing with spirit; an energy that permeates the air and could stretch out intoContinue reading “CONRAD PARRIS:Transcendent Thespian”

STEPHANIE RAMLOGAN: Questioning the Critic

    As stylist Stephanie Ramlogan expanded her portfolio within fashion, she started writing pieces centred around “observing the challenges, risks and triumphs of Caribbean and Latin American designers, creatives and followers”. Seems harmless enough, but Stephanie has become a bit of a rabble-rouser with her frank assessments and opinionated articles. Her blog –“No MoreContinue reading “STEPHANIE RAMLOGAN: Questioning the Critic”

NAVID LANCASTER: Music Making Machine

  Listen to a funny and informative excerpt from Navid before you get into the interview:   “I like noise”….a surprising phrase, but Mr. Lancaster assures me that this is one of the predispositions that makes him so well suited to his job. At first glance, Navid seems reserved, maybe even shy, but the ageContinue reading “NAVID LANCASTER: Music Making Machine”

ALBERT LAVEAU: Stalwart of Theatre

Albert Laveau is a wise man. A wise man who has worked in Theatre for the majority of his life. Albert Laveau started formally working as an actor as a teenager and continued to hone his craft through his adult years. In addition to acting, he has also directed and managed many plays in andContinue reading “ALBERT LAVEAU: Stalwart of Theatre”

JACQUI KOON HOW: Fashion Trail Blazer (AUDIO)

    Jacqui Koon How is probably best known for her work with her namesake business “House of Jacqui”. House of Jacqui has been providing training for aspiring models and producing fashion shows for forty six years. Jacqui has been the engine behind this machine from inception to present day and she shows no signsContinue reading “JACQUI KOON HOW: Fashion Trail Blazer (AUDIO)”

MEL GABRIEL: Editor, Publisher, Fashionphile

Mel Gabriel is the owner and editor of Trinidad Lookbook; an Online and Print Magazine that showcases all the noteworthy fashion creations and creators in Trinidad and Tobago. We discuss with her the conception of Trinidad Lookbook, what it’s like producing the magazine and the state of T&T’s fashion industry .   EP: How didContinue reading “MEL GABRIEL: Editor, Publisher, Fashionphile”

YVONNE POPPLEWELL: The Grande Dame of Make-Up (AUDIO)

Yvonne Popplewell is one of the most prominent women in make-up in Trinidad and Tobago. She has been doing make up for fifty plus years and her reputation precedes her as the queen of face art. I can personally attest to the magical powers she possesses with make-up brush in hand. Vocation aside, she isContinue reading “YVONNE POPPLEWELL: The Grande Dame of Make-Up (AUDIO)”

SUNIL WHITTLE: An “Inspired” Make Up Artist

Sunil Whittle is Make-Up Artist extraordinaire; a secret weapon of some of the top photographers in Trinidad and Tobago. When asked to describe his work, these were some of their responses : “The best Make-Up Artist I ever worked with”, “Flawless”, “Inspired”. Below, a few of Sunil’s own words about how he got started, hisContinue reading “SUNIL WHITTLE: An “Inspired” Make Up Artist”